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At Thor UPVC we thrive in providing the best quality service and advice when it comes to roofline products such as UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Gutters, UPVC Windows & Doors and Dry Verges. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the roofline industry and work to a very high standard ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Fascias, Soffits & Gutters

Rotting roofline can make your property appear run-down as well as causing structural damage that can lead to woodworm and encourage vermin (squirrels, birds etc.). By replacing your old roofline with quality, weather-resistant, long-lasting uPVC fascias and soffits, that will never have to be painted or repaired, you can save yourself time, money and any future worries. Our white Ogee facia boards together with our Ogee guttering are our most popular pairings, as the Ogee profiles compliment each other bringing a new style and look to any property. Our facia soffits and gutters are available in all the latest colours and grains available on the market.

Designed for use on residential buildings, smaller commercial premises and conservatory roofs. The thick UPVC extrusion makes it durable and sturdy, The classic, widely used half-round guttering style is ideal for residential buildings of all types, Also, widely used square guttering style is ideal for residential buildings of all types, Designed to aesthetically complement any property, this system is ideal for use on larger residential buildings, smaller commercial premises and conservatory roof applications.

UPVC Windows & Doors

Our windows are internally glazed with the latest 4 point locking high security mechanism, 70mm. profile and sculptured beads. All our window frames are made from specially formulated PVC that resists attack from hard weather, destructive insects and from any neighbourhood burglars. This strength comes from the frame sections and from the basic material that combines weatherproofing and heat and sound insulation with incredible durability. Windows in our range are available in all the styles, colours and grains that you might want for sliding sashes through to more popular casement styles. All our windows are virtually maintenance free, there is no paint stripping or painting every other year. Simply wipe them with mild detergent and water.

Your door is the gateway to your home so should not only look attractive but should also provide the highest levels of security and weather shielding possible. We at THOR understand that the entrance door gives the first impression of your home, and can often let down the look of a property. We also understand that the look and feel of your home is unique . That is why we offer you the choice you need to find a door that you are proud to step through. With our high security uPVC, composite and ROCK door range, THOR offers more choice than ever.

Dry Verge & Cladding

On your roof, there is a weak point in the gable ends between the tiles and the top of the wall. This is known as the verge and traditionally this is protected by mortar. But mortar crumbles with the weather over time and needs continuous maintenance if problems are to be avoided. A dry verge system installed by Thor will protect your roof and provide a weatherproof seal . The installation process involves UPVC caps being fitted to the edge of your tiles and installed correctly will be maintenance free and also prevent any tile lift in high winds.

uPVC cladding will enhance the appearance of your home. It provides an attractive, weather-resistant solution for replacing rotting timber cladding, concealing problem areas of brickwork where water maybe tracking or even adding an interesting new feature to your property. Cladding also comes in a wide range of colours, and can be installed in various methods to best suite your home.

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